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8 tricks for more followers on Instagram [2021]

  • June 22, 2021

There are many tips and tricks on how to get noticed on Instagram, whether it’s finding the perfect hashtags or engaging with the Instagram community, but there’s no reason to limit yourself to that.

There are many more ways you can increase your Instagram followers. From Make Use of share 8 tricks for more followers on Instagram. Here they are:

1. Create a community

This requires some effort and will take time, but can turn Instagram users into committed followers. If you’re trying to create a community on Instagram, you need to find a reason for people to return to your account. If you maintain a business account, get other users to submit content to share through your account.

To build your community, one of the most important things you can do is engage with other users. Comment and respond to comments consistently and always look for other people to follow you.

2. Experiment with Instagram tips

There is a lot of research on what, when and how to post on Instagram. Experiment and see what works for you. Keep in mind that some of the research is actually contradictory, so it’s really a matter of testing each one.

For example, a study by Curalate found that images with blue as the dominant color received 24% more attention than images with dominant red. The study also found that well-lit images, images with a lot of negative space, a dominant color, low saturation, and high levels of textures were more likely to receive attention.

In terms of colors, avoid yellow, orange and pink. Instead, choose shades of gray, blue and green.

And for when is the best time to publish, according to a study by Later it is the time for lunch (from 11:00 to 13:00) and evening (from 19:00 to 23:00) and stick to weekdays days for important posts.

According to other studies, images with faces get 35% more likes, those with “like” in the caption should bring you 89% more likes, and photos with comments get another 2.194% comments.

3. Analyze your statistics

After trying all these different methods, see what works and what doesn’t. There are some decent Instagram analysis tools that you can use to track which of your images are the best.

If you turn your Instagram account into a Business Profile, you will get free access to the Instagram analysis tool. Go to Settings> Switch to Business Profile and Instagram will guide you through the steps, which include connecting to your Facebook account (and the page, if you have one). You’ll see impressions, reach, profile views, and statistics for each new post.

SocialBakers has a free Instagram analysis tool that can show you your most successful photos – by comments and likes. When you find something that works, find a way to recreate it without repeating yourself.

4. Tag other people in your photos

There are many reasons to tag other people in your photos: they (or their products) are in your photo. If you went to an event, mark the organizers of the show or the performers. This is definitely a trick you want to use sparingly. Do not spam other users. Only tag them when the image is actually linked to them, and don’t tag the same users all the time.

5. Add the location to your photos

Adding a location to your photos is a great way to be noticed by the local community.

6. Be part of the Instagram Takeover

Instagram Takeover is the process of temporarily taking over another person’s Instagram account and sharing content with your audience. Instagram Takeover is an amazing way for brands and people to collaborate and promote their content. The best way to get an Instagram Takeover is to find accounts that already accept you.

Here are some tips that are useful for this method:

  • Choose an account that contains content in your niche.
  • In your style, explain why your brand is valuable and what your followers can gain.
  • Try to engage with account followers by posting questions in captions. Engaging with them will make them more willing to follow your personal account to see more of you.
  • On the other hand, you can accept Instagram Takeover yourself. If you can get a high profile user to take over your account, they will definitely introduce you to their own followers.

7. Don’t forget your resume

While your focus is undoubtedly on the photos you post, be sure to create a strong resume on Instagram. Include information that will get your followers to contact you. You only have 150 characters, so count carefully. Include a maximum of one or two hashtags in your resume so that you appear in search results.

And don’t forget to use the link to your website wisely. Because Instagram doesn’t allow you to share links in photo captions, this is the only place you can promote your external content.

8. Think outside the app

Most of these tips focus on what you can do in the Instagram app. But you also need to think about where you can promote your account. Include links to your Instagram account on other social media and where possible.

Go to Settings> Linked Accounts to link your Instagram account with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more. When you post an image to Instagram, you can automatically share those images elsewhere. Linking your Instagram account to Facebook will also notify your Facebook friends.

Emails are another powerful tool you should look at to promote your Instagram account: all you have to do is put a link to your Instagram account in your signature in the emails you send and you will probably gain some additional followers who are more likely to be engaged. If you have a personal newsletter that you send to subscribers, include the link there as well.

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